Published: 2021-12-27

Prevalence and prevention of orthodontically induced dental resorption

Rehab Fuad Bawyan, Ahmed Nayef Alsharif, Wissam Hussain Alabdalaal, Abdulelah Saad Thakfan, Sarah Taha Alesayi, Ghadah Abdullah Shafei, Manal Mohammed Almarwani, Basmah Mustafa Ageel, Fatma Abdulqader Azouz, Asim Abdulaziz Alkhalifah, Lamis Marwan Farghal, Ahmad Eissa Rawas


Since 1914, when Ottolengui first described it, dentists and patients have been tormented with root resorption, an unwanted but typical sequence of orthodontic mechanotherapeutics. It has been demonstrated that among other potentially hazardous chemicals, the orthodontic equipment employed has a considerable impact on root repair. The‏‏‎ root‏‏‎ repair‏‏‎ process‏‏‎ is‏‏‎ highly‏‏‎ linked‏‏‎ to‏‏‎ periodontal‏‏‎ ligament‏‏‎ necrosis‏‏‎ damage.‏‏‎ When‏‏‎ intense‏‏‎ orthodontic‏‏‎ pressures‏‏‎ are‏‏‎ applied‏‏‎ for‏‏‎ an‏‏‎ extended‏‏‎ length‏‏‎ of‏‏‎ time‏‏‎,‏‏‎ hyalinization‏‏‎ of‏‏‎ the‏‏‎ underlying‏‏‎ periodontal‏‏‎ ligament‏‏‎ can‏‏‎ occur‏‏‎ quickly.‏‏‎ Protective‏‏‎ leukocytes‏‏‎ from‏‏‎ periodontal‏‏‎ ligament‏‏‎ capillaries‏‏‎ mix‏‏‎ quickly‏‏‎ with‏‏‎ osteoclast‏‏‎ progenitors‏‏‎ to‏‏‎ create‏‏‎ cells‏‏‎ with‏‏‎ high-density‏‏‎ genes‏‏‎ capable‏‏‎ of‏‏‎ regenerating‏‏‎ mineral‏‏‎ tissue‏‏‎.‏‏‎ External‏‏‎ apical‏‏‎ root‏‏‎ repair‏‏‎ begins‏‏‎ when‏‏‎ a‏‏‎ protective‏‏‎ layer‏‏‎ of‏‏‎ cementoblasts‏‏‎ including‏‏‎ the‏‏‎ hyalinized‏‏‎ periodontal‏‏‎ ligament,‏‏‎ dies,‏‏‎ allowing‏‏‎ odontoclasts‏‏‎ to‏‏‎ rebuild‏‏‎ cement‏‏‎ and‏‏‎ teeth.‏‏‎ Initially,‏‏‎ a‏‏‎ cemented‏‏‎ protective‏‏‎ layer‏‏‎ is‏‏‎ lost,‏‏‎ exposing‏‏‎ a‏‏‎ green‏‏‎ cement‏‏‎ surface‏‏‎ to‏‏‎ odontoclastic‏‏‎ assaults‏‏‎.‏‏‎ On the other hand, the maxillary second premolar exhibited more excellent root rates in Asians than in Caucasians. The data were taken as evidence that specific races such as Asians were less likely than longer roots to be involved in root repair or were impacted by mutant morphology. In addition, radiographic examination of intermediate IOPAR therapy can detect at-risk teeth and suggest the necessity for appropriate rest to improve performance or anatomical structure. Treatment of afflicted individuals should be continued with caution and proper use of high-intensity light while avoiding movements linked with re-screening such as ingesting.


Dental resorption, Orthodontics, Dental care, Dental health

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