Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and thyroid function in adult patients

Feras Alhussainy, Razan Alharbi, Abrar Alali, Mohammad Almutairi, Mohammed Aljawi, Youssef Almodhaibri, Semat Bakri, Shahad Alghamdi, Abdulrahman Alshahrani, Omar Zainal


Results from published studies on the association between non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and hypothyroidism are still controversial. Thyroid dysfunction is closely related with components of metabolic syndrome. We conducted this meta-analysis using a comprehensive search of EMBASE, MEDLINE, PubMed, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, and Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials till 31 January 2018 for prospective observational studies that evaluated the relationship of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and thyroid function in adult patients. Thirteen studies were included in the present meta-analysis. Meta-analysis of the 13 studies found a high correlation between hypothyroidism and NAFLD (OR=1.48, 95% CI 1.22–1.91, p<0.001). In the meta-regression analyses, we found that study design was a possible source of heterogeneity (p=0.17), but other covariates were not. The present meta-analysis provides strong epidemiological evidence for the relationship between hypothyroidism and NAFLD. Both individuals with subclinical and overt hypothyroidism are at higher risk for NAFLD than euthyroid subjects.


Meta-analysis, Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Hypothyroidism, Subclinical hypothyroidism

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