An ethnographic study of physiotherapy education in Sweden from Indian perspective

Subhash Khatri, Kristina Kindblom


Background:The aim was to explore the ethnic diversity pertaining to physiotherapy education in Sweden and India.

Methods:Qualitative research design based on ethnographic data collected by the ethnographer in terms of diaries and informal interviews. Setting: physiotherapy division and teaching hospitals attached to one of the reputed university in Sweden. Participants: physiotherapy faculty members, clinical physiotherapists, physiotherapy students, occupational therapy students and administrative staff.

Results:The views of physiotherapy students and faculty revealed their perception as they are quiet advanced, patient centered, believe in active physiotherapy interventions and what they are doing is probably the best.

Conclusions:Physiotherapy education in Sweden is different from Indian perspective and their focus is more on student centered approach with more of active learning.


Ethnography, Physiotherapy, Education

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