Factors influencing status of undernutrition among children (0-5 years) in a rural area of Delhi: a cross-sectional study

Sanjeev Davey, Anuradha Davey, S. Vivek Adhish, Rajni Bagga


Background:Although more than one-third of under six year children in Delhi slums are undernourished; but what is the situation in rural areas of Delhi - a capital of India, it is not very clear. Moreover the research in rural area on topic has also not received much focus in past.

Methods:The study was done in the Narela area (a Rural ICDS project in Delhi). All the eligible 450 children between the age group 0-5 years as found in the survey register of ICDS project for 2 Anaganwadi Centre’s (AWC-A & AWC-B) at the time of data collection, were included in the study. The prevalence of undernutrition in 2 AWCs was determined and it was compared with records of 2 AWCs. The primary and secondary data was triangulated to confirm pattern scenario of undernutrition.  

Results:In Rural ICDS Block, the prevalence of underutrition came out 57.8%.The difference in nutritional grades of undernutrition in the study were not statistically significant (P >0.05) as per their the registration status at AWCs in ICDS scheme. The type of family and family income of household however were statistically significantly associated with the nutritional status of child (P <0.01).  

Conclusions:The undernutrition is prevailing in rural area of Delhi (India), despite the presence of ICDS scheme; suggesting that other host factors in family are also important and service delivery factors in nutrition and health programmes also needs radical relook for tackling undernourished children in Delhi.


Undernutrition, Prevalence, Rural area, Delhi, India, ICDS Block

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